Here is a new way to solve an old problem that consultants have had for a long time…

How do you present a proposal remotely while remaining in control of the process?

In these days of limited travel and people working remotely, it’s not as easy as it once was to go to a client’s or prospect’s office and present a proposal.

Plus the problem with FedExing or emailing proposals has always been that the client can simply flip to the last page and make a decision based only upon your proposed fees, without giving you a chance to first go through the proposal with them.

But now there is an answer…

Zoom has added a DocuSign integration to its video meetings, allowing you and your client to review agreements together in real-time before signing.

DocuSign eSignature for Zoom is now available for versions of Zoom Desktop 5.7.3 or later. Consultants can add the extension by logging into their DocuSign and Zoom accounts and installing the DocuSign eSignature App from the Zoom App Marketplace.

It’s much like our One Page Business Planning System, which allows teams to collaborate remotely in real-time without the need for spreadsheets or even Zoom. Check it out here.