Clarity, Simplicity, and Results

Are everyday problems and distractions drowning out your team’s ability to focus on long-term objectives? Do the increasing demands prevent you from getting things done? Ever wonder why your leadership team isn’t delivering more?


One Page Business Plans help senior leaders get very clear about what they truly want and communicate that to their teams in a way that works.

Your company’s overall plan will be understood, executed, and desired results achieved when every member of your team has a cloud-based One Page Business Plan.


We help organizations of all types and sizes implement simple planning with our methodology and online systems. One Page Plans help you build a culture of alignment, execution and much more predictable results.

Our bestselling books have popularized our approach… tens of thousands of leaders have stepped up their game and led their companies to greater success using our simple system.


The One Page Planning and Performance System is a management and results oriented cloud-based platform that helps ensure plans and goals created at the beginning of the year are implemented and achieved. It’s designed primarily for leadership teams of 5-200 people. It analyzes and summarizes who is diligently planning and who is hitting their targets and who is not. It works exceptionally well with remote teams to minimize travel and in-person meeting expenses.

How It Works…

We connect you with one of our former CEO or executive consultants to assess your needs.

Together with your leaders, we help build your One Page Plan, a proven, simple online system with highly visual tools and templates.

Monthly review meetings (in person or virtual) where each leader tracks critical goals, projects and key performance indicators with a simple dashboard system.

More active, focused management leads to improve business results.

The One Page Planning and Performance System gives you one simple place to manage, implement key initiatives, and achieve much more predictable results across your entire organization.

Start making progress towards what’s important.
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The One Page Business Plan Company is the undisputed leader in cloud-based planning and performance systems. The company’s products and consulting services include a reliable and easy to use platform available across both mobile and desktop systems. The One Page Business Plan® is the original software-based planning, management, and results oriented platform that helps ensure quarterly and annual plans are implemented.