Get the Results You Want this Quarter

The One Page Business Plan Company has helped thousands of clients move from vague, inconsistent reporting to a simple system that tracks the execution of projects, programs, and goals for every business unit. The One Page System is designed to create a culture that focuses on execution and results.

The System helps measure and track what is important and ensures that every manager understands exactly what results they are responsible for and when.

The One Page Plan

The One Page Planning and Performance System is a management and results oriented cloud-based platform that helps ensure plans and goals created at the beginning of the year are implemented and achieved. It’s designed primarily for leadership teams of 5-200 people. It is especially suited for remote teams!

It Works by Keeping It Simple

We connect you with one of our former CEO or executive consultants to assess your needs.

Together with your leaders, we help build your One Page Plan, a proven, simple online system with highly visual tools and templates.

Monthly review meetings (in person or virtual) where each leader tracks critical goals, projects and key performance indicators with a simple dashboard system.

More active, focused management leads to improve business results.

The One Page Planning and Performance System gives you one simple place to manage, implement key initiatives, and achieve much more predictable results across your entire organization.

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