The One Page Business Plan

The One Page Business Plan is a cloud-based management and results oriented system that helps ensure plans and goals created at the beginning of the year are implemented and achieved.

One Page Business Plans help senior leaders to get clear about what they truly want and communicate that to their teams in a way that works. A company’s overall plan will be understood, executed, and desired results achieved when every member of your team has a One Page Plan.

Having a business plan on one page will result in a more proactive leadership team intent on executing the business plan to deliver critical results.

One Page Plans are Simple, Intuitive and Flexible

  • Create a first draft in 60 minutes using the system’s online One Page Plan Builder
  • There’s no complicated terminology or software to learn
  • The process works at all levels – teams, projects, departments, divisions, and the C-level executives
  • You’ll create, align, and approve plans in 4 weeks or less

The One Page Business Plan Works Because

  • The methodology is simple, intuitive, tactical and strategic
  • Creating plans is fast and easy with a One Page Business Plan template, an online plan builder, and expert coaching
  • It works equally well for both newly promoted managers and experienced executives
  • One Page Plans create a culture of alignment, accountability and predictable results

The One Page Planning and Performance System gives you one simple place to manage, implement key initiatives, and achieve much more predictable results across your entire organization.

End your frustration around getting the results you want!

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