Coaching to a plan is important because it helps employees achieve continuous and significant progress towards goals aligned with a company’s overall strategy.

Coaching to a Plan Helps Employees Focus on What’s Important

Employees will be more consistently focused on what’s strategically important by being coached to a plan. It does this by linking specific strategies to the employee’s objectives and defining the work to be done. That way, it will help guarantee continuous progress towards goals, rather than wasted effort or eleventh-hour rushes to get things done. At the same time, coaching to a plan enables both the coach and the employee to best document the results of their work.

Coaching to a Plan Provides a Framework For Mentoring Programs

When everyone understands a coaching framework involved both at the corporate and individual levels, employees’ efforts will become better aligned with the company’s vision. Employees will begin to feel they have more ownership of their company’s mission and become more engaged. As a result, they can become even more effective contributors.

Coaching to a Plan Helps Plan Help Provide Fresh Ideas for Employee Development

Employees must constantly adapt to changing products, platforms, and environments in today’s business environment. By consistently measuring progress towards employee goals, weak areas can be discovered earlier and corrected, thereby improving performance

When coaching is done with a plan as a framework, coaching can help employees continuously improve their skills, experience, and ability to contribute.

One Page Plans offer you a way to provide a framework that allows you to easily link company strategy, objectives, and action plans in a way that accelerates employee development and contribution level. If you are a coach or consultant, One Page Plans help you generate longer-term engagements. Our systems can help keep you working with a client long, even after the initial assignment has ended.  And it’s not just about planning but about creating simple systems that help you add more time and value to your engagements that generate additional revenue. (You keep 100% of your consulting fees!)

Curious about how you can add One Page Plans to Your Toolkit? Watch this 3-minute video.