A recent check of search firms reveals they are on the hunt for disgruntled white-collar job seekers who do not want the hassle of commuting, wearing a mask on the job, or getting vaccinated if they prefer not to. The check also shows the availability of over 80,000 well-paying jobs not requiring a return to the office…. a number that is over eleven times the remote jobs that were available in March of 2020.

 The Department of Labor reported Friday that there are some 8.7 million potential workers who have been looking for jobs and are counted among the unemployed. At the same time, job placement site Indeed estimates there are about 9.8 million job vacancies as of July 16, or just a few days after the government’s sample period for the monthly numbers.

Companies have been using a variety of techniques, including signing bonuses, higher salaries, and flexible working arrangements, to entice people. That likely will have to continue as the Covid-19 pandemic changes the jobs market, perhaps permanently.

The jury is still out on how many people will choose not to return to the office by getting a new work-from-home job or dropping out of the workforce completely. Though there are some reports that people who can work from home prefer to, other indications point to a high rate of willingness to return to the workplace. (At the same time, a high percentage of Gen Z employees say they prefer a hybrid work environment.)

While uncertainties and outbreak surges regarding the pandemic continue to hamper the return to normalcy in some companies, the fact is the nature of work has changed permanently. People have been through a lot emotionally as the pandemic has disrupted not only work but their personal lives as well. Employers need to be sensitive to the fact that some of their key people are still dealing with the disruptions caused by the pandemic.

Yet if employees are receiving a paycheck and working from home, they obviously need to be working productively. This is especially true in terms of retaining high-performing talent, so companies need to be flexible with their demands.

A good many name brand, midsized, and publicly traded companies, from Facebook to Morgan Stanley,  are requiring employees to be vaccinated and to return to the office, while others are allowing their employees to work from home until further notice.

But for those working from home, how does the supervisor know any one employee is being productive? One solution is the One Page Business Plan Company’s 90-Day Plan.

Users find this cloud-based tool easy to learn how to use and navigate. Regular reviews of progress provide for significant remote interaction between the boss and employee to determine progress on goals. (With our new 1:1 check in feature; updates can be a written as two-way report not requiring voice-to-voice interaction.)

Assuming your company has a business plan supported by objectives, strategies, and action plans, the One Page 90 Day Plan is the perfect tool to ensure those key objectives are met and that the company continues to grow and prosper.

The most important feature of the 90 Day Plan is that it keeps the most important priorities front and center. Whether your employees are returning to the office or continuing to work from home, all key personnel can have a One Page Plan, cascading objectives down from senior executives, to line managers, and then to staff.

The biggest benefit? The performance and productivity of their employees will be at the supervisor’s fingertips for regular review and course correction… ensuring your organization’s goals are realized!