The History

Julia Demkowski, Founder & CEO, Stanford Management Consulting has been a business consultant for over 30 years. She is the founder of The Boot Camp Series – Fitness for Your Business. She teaches business owners and executives how to develop and implement strategies for improved performance, growth, and profitability.

Julia is a Certified Management Consultant® (CMC®), the certification mark awarded by the Institute of Management Consultants USA. Fewer than 1% of all consultants have achieved this level of excellence.

The Problem

Before Julia began using One Page Plans in her business, she had relied on cumbersome and limited Excel spreadsheets to work with clients. She was looking for a tool that was more client friendly and had a visual component that made the information easier to input, view, and interpret.

The Solution

According to Julia, “The One Page Business Plan enhanced what I was already doing. What really helps my clients is the simplicity of the process that speeds the planning process and makes it much simpler. This allows me to work on a more strategic level with my clients… better guiding them into the future rather than focusing on the past or present.

I now use One Page Plans as a value add for my clients, allowing me to increase the size and duration of my engagements. It has helped eliminate the financial peaks and valleys in my practice, producing a more sustainable revenue stream for me.”


Julia relates, “Adding it to my consulting practice was the best business decision I’ve ever made. It has help me double my business in the last two and a half years. Using the tool helps increase the number client interactions I have on a monthly basis, providing me an opportunity to sell additional consulting services. When you are connected to the client on a schedule, you’re regularly talking to them about their problems and they ask you questions, projects can come out of that. Good things can come out of that.

I would also add that it is increasing the opportunity to work with clients out of state. Because I can work virtually, I just signed a new client on the West coast without having to travel there… with the One Page system, I can have clients anywhere!”

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