Bob Fashano – Master Insurance Agency Success

The History

Bob Fashano started his business in 1979 and grew to the size of a Master Agency throughout his tenure as a General Agent of Guardian Life Insurance Company. Bob was first introduced to the One Page Business Plan 15 years ago, while a member of the Board of Directors of the GAMA Foundation.  As he says, “As soon as I saw the One Page Plan, I got a hold of Jim Horan, inviting him to a leadership offsite to educate my leadership team”.

The Problem

Bob’s enthusiasm for the One Page Business Plan grew out of his frustration of being stuck in a tactical management “loop”… wanting desperately to transform his organization into a strategically focused company.  His past experiences with business planning had been a struggle, as the old planning process he was using proved to be too complex and difficult to administer. As a result, his team was still focused on the tactical rather than the strategic thinking he’d long hoped for.

As Bob relates it… he’d spent tens of thousands of dollars on other planning consultants, only to be left with ineffective plans that did not move his business forward as he would have liked.

The Solution

Along with our consultant, the One Page Business Plan allowed Bob to transform his organization into the strategic business he’d always wanted to operate. One Page Plans finally gave him a way to align his vision, objectives, and strategies that aligned his team around a common purpose.

With the One Page Business Plan, each member of his leadership team had a plan. The group would meet quarterly to review their respective progress in achieving their objectives.  Each person, in turn, would project their plan onto a screen and the other members of the team had the opportunity to comment on progress and shortfalls. What came out of these meetings was a high level of accountability to one another and the business.  These quarterly reviews were highly productive and brought out more issues than just the reporting itself.

Bob’s biggest satisfaction came when, with One Page Plans, he could execute like never before!


As a result of using The One Page Business Plan, Bob not only maintained a highly successful Guardian Life Insurance Company Master Agency but significantly grew his business during that time as well.

Bob has since retired from his business and joined the One Page Business Plan Company. Today, Bob operates Lead One Consulting, specializing in leadership coaching and development and has incorporated the One Page Business Plan into his offerings.

Bob now helps other traditional business leaders and established entrepreneurs to move from the complex to addressing their fundamental business problems.  His clients love the fact that the One Page Plan simplified the process.  And because of its cloud-based platform, plans are cascaded down and evaluated online by supervisors.

What Bob and his clients both agree on is that the outcome of the process is not just a “plan” but a blueprint for building their companies to levels that they had only hoped for!

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