Mike Condrey… Managing Partner

The History

Mike Condrey has been with Northwestern Mutual for 42 years. He is nearing retirement age and soon plans to sail around the world with a friend and colleague once he retires at the mandatory 65 years of age in the next year.  He has been a highly regarded member of the Northwestern team.

The Problem

Mike was introduced to the One Page Business Plan System by Jim Horan and used the planning process for over ten years. Like most people who turn to One Page, his planning process had been a convoluted one.  He’d capture thoughts on a flip chart, then transfer the information to a Word document and then employ spreadsheets to track results.  With up to five remote production units, the planning process he was using was inefficient, lacked the accountability, and the alignment features that the cloud-based One Page Business Plan offers.

The Solution

After adopting the One Page Business Plan, he and his team all got on “the same page” as he says.  The One Page Business Plan created the platform from which he and his management team lead the business to increased business success.

According to Mike, “there were many sources from which data needed to be pulled to keep the One Page Plan reporting up to date.  Nonetheless, the benefits of using the One Page Business Plan far were worth the effort on our part”.

Mike belonged to an industry study group that adopted the One Page Plan as its accountability tool.  Each member of the group would report out their results and then the group would discuss any challenges that each member was facing.  The One Page Plan gave their meetings structure and focus.

Mike also introduced the One Page Business Plan to several non-profits in his geographic area.  He was and still is a big proponent of the system’s ease of use, perfect for any sized business.


In Mike’s own words, The One Page Plan was “most useful in creating a better line of accountability and alignment than he had ever experienced before”! Mike strongly endorses the One Page Business Plan and would recommend it to any organization facing difficulties in effective business planning.  He continues to spread the good word about the One Page Planning and Performance System whenever he comes upon a business leader who is struggling with an outdated process!

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