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The History

Before becoming a certified coach and consultant, Craig Anderson was a One Page Business Plan client. One Page Plans had helped his former employer grow the business so successfully that the parent company decided it was time to sell. At that point, Craig embarked on a career evaluation process. This exercise led him to conclude that he most enjoyed developing people around him to their full potential.

In July of 2018, Craig founded Clear Path Coaching and Consulting to help leaders create plans to stop drifting, increase impact, and lead confidently. He wanted to help his clients grow and become more successful personally and professionally. This is particularly true for clients he calls “accidental leaders”… people like him, who somehow found themselves in leadership positions despite having other skillsets and backgrounds.


According to Craig, “As a result of becoming a One Page Business Plan licensee, I’ve found that that it is a very effective way to work with owners or CEOs on the critical issues to help them get control of and build their business.

I use other tools, but the beauty of One Page Business Plan is in its simplicity. It’s such a great way to get my clients focused on what is essential, especially those who haven’t thought about how to put a plan together. What I found was most valuable for my clients was getting them focused on building a plan for themselves first, helping them get clear on what they want to accomplish, and then having an effective way to communicate that to their team. Best of all, it helps them stay on top of progress in an effective and very intentional manner.”



Craig further explains, “My ideal clients are service-based businesses and not for profits in the $3 to $20 million range. The OPBP is the perfect tool to help them grow and has opened many doors for me.”The common thread that ties them together is the people who are either very good at what they do or very passionate about what they are building. 

I have ten clients on the One Page Business Plan System. It has added two valuable things to my business. First, it allows me to provide my clients with a world-class solution to a problem that I did not have to develop myself, saving me a tremendous amount of time and money. And second, the regular monthly One Page Plan review sessions have helped me develop deeper relationships with my clients, allowing me to sell more extensive packages for more extended periods of time.”

Reach out to Craig at https://www.linkedin.com/in/craigpanderson/ or https://clearpathcoaches.com/

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