The History

In January 2007, after leaving a 23 year CEO position, Robert Sher was a new consultant looking to help peer CEOs run their midsized businesses. He founded his own company, CEO to CEO, that same year.

One of his earliest clients, (Serve Path, a tech firm), was led by a highly entrepreneurial CEO who had new ideas every day. The business had no formal planning system and was in the early stages of building a solid management team as sales grew past $20M.  Rather than try to create his own planning system, Robert reached out to The One Page Business Plan Company and became certified by Toni Nell in mid-2007.

He quickly realized that he needed to have a strong product in his “tool kit” that caught the attention of prospects faster than the slow process of building trust-based on relationship building alone. 


Once certified, Robert found the sale of One Page Business Plan Systems generated four to five times as much consulting work for a client than one without a system. The extra billable work included training the team on the Planning System and using the cloud-based portal. Some of his largest deals in the early years included One Page Plans at their core.

From 2007 through 2009 he closed about one system per year. 2009 was the beginning of the great recession, yet over the 2010-2012 time period, he sold an average of $17,000 in One Page licenses each year, with total consulting/training revenues being much higher. 

In 2013, Robert began research for his second book which was published at the end of 2014. As a result, his public speaking ramped up considerably. In each talk, he referred to the One Page Business Plan, showing a few slides depicting the on-line tool and explaining a case study showing the success of the system. For the years 2013 through 2016, his licensed One Page System sales averaged $60,300, again with four to five times that amount in related consulting for first-year One Page Business Plan clients.

Not all clients new to the One Page system kept using it year after year. But among those that did, the recurring revenues created a base of regular income that grew each year. They also retained a consulting relationship with Robert over the years, although for many, the amount of consulting work was lower in the years after implementation of One Page because they knew how to plan on their own by using the system.


Today, Robert has 14 clients actively using the One Page Planning and Performance System with 206 total users.

Robert Sher was so impressed with how his own consulting business grew as a result of his relationship with The One Page Business Plan Company, he became the new CEO of One Page Business Plan Company in September 2019.

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