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Case Study: designRoom Creative

“Without your consultant as our guide and The One Page Business Plan tool, I probably would not be in business today. Instead, we’ve grown in our niche. Now we do work all over the country, not just here in the Cleveland area. We have grown in our ability to focus as a team. We have been able to change our organization completely. We’re now more operationally efficient and have a clear strategic outlook for what is now a growing and sustainable business.”


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Case Study: ACI Jet

When the pandemic hit, and travel was severely restricted, ACI Jet had to adopt a ‘survive to thrive’ approach. The company had successfully grown (including taking over a rival business) and attracting investment. But it became clear that a disciplined planning process with regular reviews was needed to track and encourage growth, focus the teams, and preserve alignment across the company. In other words, finding a way to survive…


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Case Study: The International School of Indiana

“Our One Page Consultant, Craig P. Anderson, came to us and said, ‘The One Page Plan is a great a way to document and hold people accountable for a strategic plan. Why don’t you look at it?’ When I went through it, I thought, this is outstanding. I mean, I’ve been head of a few different schools, and all do the typical development of a plan. You get everybody involved, create huge documents, and then they sit. I realized that this was a way to succinctly and concisely develop a plan that created action and movement and held people accountable. I loved it!”


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Case Study: Koshland Custom Compounding Pharmacy

When CEO Peter Koshland first reached out, he was looking for a way to get past the daily demands of his business and optimize his operations. He knew he needed to do more to ensure consistent turnaround times, good staffing, strong financials, and expanded offerings to doctors. Since then, Koshland’s total revenues have nearly doubled since he began utilizing the One Page Business Plan… well exceeding his expectations.


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Case Study: Master Insurance Agency

This client was so pleased with the way that his company grew using One Page Business Plans that when he retired he joined our company, and is now helping his consulting clients grow their own businesses as well!


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Case Study: Wholesale Food Distributor

Using One Page Business Plans and our web portal, this company went from $18 million to $52 million in revenues. Profit increased from 0.8% to 5.94% with everyone on the leadership team fully engaged and excited about keeping their business healthy, growing, and increasingly profitable.


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Case Study: Whistlestop… Rebirth of a Non-Profit

“I would say that it’s one of the most effective management tools that I’ve used, not only managing performance, but getting people to understand and celebrate successes that they have. In a nonprofit like ours, people are fighting fires every day just getting through a day, serving all these people. However, if at the end of the month or the end of the quarter or at the end of the year, we can celebrate success by seeing that we’ve achieved these goals.”
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Northwestern Mutual – Mike Condrey, Managing Partner

In Mike’s own words, The One Page Plan was “most useful in creating a better line of accountability and alignment than he had ever experienced before”! Mike strongly endorses the One Page Business Plan and would recommend it to any organization facing difficulties in effective business planning or struggling with an outdated process!
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