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Start With a Vision… Build a Company!
Launching a new company?
Hot new idea for a product, service, project or program?
Overwhelmed by too many ideas, don't know where to start?
Outgrown your current plan?
We understand startups.
We've helped thousands of entrepreneurs successfully launch everything from micro lifestyle businesses to $100 million international consumer products companies.
We'll help you turn your vision into reality!
If you have an important first meeting with an angel investor, VC, potential partner, strategic alliance or prospect, can you describe your business in 5 minutes or less?
With a One Page Business Plan, you will be able to quickly and confidentially share your vision, strategic direction, target market, value proposition, key metrics, infrastructure and finances.
The One Page Business Plan will prepare you to speak clearly, concisely and with confidence. Anytime, anywhere, with anyone!
The power and magic of One Page Business Plans is that they're written with key words and short phrases… not long, carefully structured sentences.
You never start with a blank page in our system. We provide thought provoking assessments, smart templates, interactive prompts, and real world examples that truly simplify getting your plan out of your head and onto paper.
Our simple visual tools facilitate individual and group innovation, brainstorming, strategic thinking and decision making.
First drafts can be created in 90 minutes using our cloud-based One Page Business Plan Builder or easy to use print and digital planning tools.
We make planning fast, easy and intuitive.