Jeff Hughes… Former CEO of GAMA International

The History

As an advisor, agency department head, and, later, as a corporate-based field training officer in the financial services industry for 15 years, it has always been important to keep score of what I set out to do and what I had accomplished over a year.

The Problem

But something was missing—how to channel my activities to those actions that would yield the best results for the business.

I discovered The One Page Business Plan as the CEO of GAMA International, a non-profit dedicated to the professional development of field leaders in the insurance and financial services industry.  When I got wind of what this One Page Plan system had to offer and the time frame needed to set up a plan and then keep score on my commitments, I said, “This is exactly what I and other leaders need to identify those specific activities that would lead to success.   I called Jim Horan, flew to San Francisco, and met him in his office.

I told him, “You’ve got something that I and hundreds of other leaders in the financial services industry need.”  He smiled.

I asked him to walk me through the details of how to create, document, and automate the measurement of progress.  He told me once I understood the program, I’d be able to build my first draft of my One Page plan in less than an hour.

The Solution

Returning to the office, I sat down to write my first plan.  The plan calls for the creation of a vision statement, a mission statement, measurable objectives, strategies, and action plans.

Because of the One Page Planning’s system design, it allowed me to update their objectives and action plans on-line, which I could review at any time.  We discovered that the plan is a dynamic document and should reflect environmental changes that will impact plan results.

Based on the outcome of this process, the association’s Board of Directors adopted the One Page Business Plan as the centerpiece of the Board meeting agenda.  This focus kept the Board on point and allowed them to give the staff more clarity about the priorities of the association.

Beyond that, several of the Board members adopted the One Page Plan to use in their firms as we had done in the administrative office.  We all learned that keeping score is one thing but knowing and understanding how to manage the scorecard is another and much more powerful!


In the first year, the association’s administrative office increased membership through lapsed-recapture rates, partnering with a corporate partner to ensure that each of their field leaders renewed their memberships.  We added two more corporate partners. We added more strategic partners.  And we had the most well attended annual meeting ever recorded.  It’s been 5 years since I left the organization and it continues to break revenue and surplus records annually.

Take a Tour of the One Page Business Plan

If you’d like to learn more about Jeff’s experiences with the One Page Business Plan please contact him by email at inspas1@gmail.com