The One Page Business Plan Company Specializes in Cloud-Based Planning and Performance Management Solutions.

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One Page Plans help Non-Profits Deliver on Their Promises
Is your board and executive team aligned and committed to a unified vision, mission and strategic direction?
Is your organization applying focus and resources on the right priorities? Are your plans being consistently executed?
Are you achieving optimal outcomes and results? Is every objective or goal owned by a person or team?
Many non-profits refer to their One Page Business Plan as their “One Page Promise”.
It helps executives, managers and volunteers clearly defined and live up to their promises at the organization, department, project and program level.
Thousands of non-profits have successfully created and implemented One Page Plans with our simple and effective planning methodology. Now you can easily draft a plan on a single page in just a few hours, not days or weeks!
Cascade Vision and Strategies from Top to Bottom
The One Page Business Plan is an approach to nonprofit management that aligns strategy, people and resources without complexity.
We make it easy for all key managers, teams and volunteers to create, own and execute a plan that supports the organization's mission.
One Page Plans focus people and resources on achieving strategic priorities and critical outcomes.
Focus Limited Resources on What is Important
The One Page Planning and Performance System is a non-profit management system that helps focus and align Boards, management teams, paid staff and volunteers on achieving mission critical outcomes.
One Page Plans provide a simple framework for creating focus and alignment throughout a non-profit organization.
User friendly cloud-based dashboard system monitors goal and outcome achievement.
Easy to use reporting system tracks significant programs and initiatives.
Simple, effective accountability!
One Page Solutions for Non-Profits of all Sizes
Over 15,000 Non-Profits have One Page Plans
Food banks, youth programs, foundations, hospitals, churches, schools, cities and associations have been successfully implementing One Page Business Plans since 1994.
Our support team can help you successfully implement an affordable solution whether you are a startup nonprofit or a $1 billion organization.